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INFOGRAPHIC: A Salad Recipe for Your Teeth and Gums

You don’t necessarily need to minimize your food intake just because some articles you find on the web tell you that what you eat directly affects your dental health. Scrap this. Scrap that. No. What you can do instead is know what foods are beneficial for your teeth and gums and manage to eat them all together in a hearty and tasty fashion!

This salad recipe right here is just the perfect  mix! You may have known this procedure a long time ago, but there are details you need to pay attention to, especially those with regards to your teeth and gums. You’ll be amazed! You’ll never look at salads the way you looked at them before.

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5 Reasons Good Dental Practice Should Start Early


Not everyone is aware of this, but dentists suggest parents to bring their children to a dental clinic by the time they reach one year old – a time when they still barely completed growing full set of baby teeth. Why is there such a rush anyway? Parents ask with a hint of complaint. Keep your cool and listen. So here’s what it is. This “rush” – as they are fondly called – goes out to those who want nothing but the best for their children. Let’s talk about the reasons why good dental practice should start early – one by one.

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Best Brushing Practices to Take Care of Your Gums


You’ve been so concerned about your teeth that you forgot about your gums. Guilty? This scenario is quite familiar in many homes as the majority of people perceive dental health to be only concerned of the teeth. To be clear, no, it isn’t. Your teeth always go hand in hand with your gums. How do you take care of your gums? While you still have time to make some changes in your dental routine, let’s get started!

Choose the right brush.

Many people believe that choosing a toothbrush that has stiff bristles cleans the teeth better. Well, the statement has truth in it, but too much stiffness would also cause damage not only to your teeth enamel, but also to your gums. If you really put your heart into taking care of your gums, pick a toothbrush with well-defined and soft bristles. Using one would benefit you as it reaches some parts of your teeth that are not accessed by ordinary brushes. Thus, the soft bristles will give your gums a generous massage.

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You won’t believe what they found in a 1000-year-old dental plaque


Nope, it’s not the last meal that was eaten by our ancient predecessor—although that won’t be too hard to find out either. What the scientists found is significantly better. It is a way of enlightening modern scientific research.

A new discovery

Researchers from University of York recently worked on a study involving fossilized dental plaque found on the teeth of a middle-aged man from Dalheim, Germany. The teeth of this ancient skeleton led researchers to the discovery of “Microbial Pompeii.”

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7 Helpful Dental Care Tips


Please tell me you’re not part of the 50% adults in America who avoid dental clinics like they’re a plague. Because if you are, you are neglecting a crucial responsibility you have for your teeth. Visiting your dentist once every six months is not a hard task.

Besides, you will never know what oral problems you have when you don’t consult a professional. Tooth decay may be a small thing, but gum disease and (God forbid) oral cancer sure are not.

The Dos

Tea: Be sure to drink a cup every day. Tea has Flavonoids, which apparently prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. It also contains fluoride.

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