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5 Reasons Good Dental Practice Should Start Early


Not everyone is aware of this, but dentists suggest parents to bring their children to a dental clinic by the time they reach one year old – a time when they still barely completed growing full set of baby teeth. Why is there such a rush anyway? Parents ask with a hint of complaint. Keep your cool and listen. So here’s what it is. This “rush” – as they are fondly called – goes out to those who want nothing but the best for their children. Let’s talk about the reasons why good dental practice should start early – one by one.

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Jong Lee

Jong Lee

Dr. Jong Lee is a graduate of Biochemistry at Washington University—St. Louis, Dr. Lee proceeded to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine gaining a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. With his comprehensive experience and his continuing drive to learn more, Dr. Lee also strives to provide the latest dental innovations that have given National Light Dental the distinction of being the leading provider of excellent dental care.

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