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7 Helpful Dental Care Tips


Please tell me you’re not part of the 50% adults in America who avoid dental clinics like they’re a plague. Because if you are, you are neglecting a crucial responsibility you have for your teeth. Visiting your dentist once every six months is not a hard task.

Besides, you will never know what oral problems you have when you don’t consult a professional. Tooth decay may be a small thing, but gum disease and (God forbid) oral cancer sure are not.

The Dos

Tea: Be sure to drink a cup every day. Tea has Flavonoids, which apparently prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. It also contains fluoride.

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Jong Lee

Jong Lee

Dr. Jong Lee is a graduate of Biochemistry at Washington University—St. Louis, Dr. Lee proceeded to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine gaining a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. With his comprehensive experience and his continuing drive to learn more, Dr. Lee also strives to provide the latest dental innovations that have given National Light Dental the distinction of being the leading provider of excellent dental care.

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