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Best Brushing Practices to Take Care of Your Gums


You’ve been so concerned about your teeth that you forgot about your gums. Guilty? This scenario is quite familiar in many homes as the majority of people perceive dental health to be only concerned of the teeth. To be clear, no, it isn’t. Your teeth always go hand in hand with your gums. How do you take care of your gums? While you still have time to make some changes in your dental routine, let’s get started!

Choose the right brush.

Many people believe that choosing a toothbrush that has stiff bristles cleans the teeth better. Well, the statement has truth in it, but too much stiffness would also cause damage not only to your teeth enamel, but also to your gums. If you really put your heart into taking care of your gums, pick a toothbrush with well-defined and soft bristles. Using one would benefit you as it reaches some parts of your teeth that are not accessed by ordinary brushes. Thus, the soft bristles will give your gums a generous massage.

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Jong Lee

Jong Lee

Dr. Jong Lee is a graduate of Biochemistry at Washington University—St. Louis, Dr. Lee proceeded to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine gaining a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. With his comprehensive experience and his continuing drive to learn more, Dr. Lee also strives to provide the latest dental innovations that have given National Light Dental the distinction of being the leading provider of excellent dental care.

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