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INFOGRAPHIC: A Salad Recipe for Your Teeth and Gums

You don’t necessarily need to minimize your food intake just because some articles you find on the web tell you that what you eat directly affects your dental health. Scrap this. Scrap that. No. What you can do instead is know what foods are beneficial for your teeth and gums and manage to eat them all together in a hearty and tasty fashion!

This salad recipe right here is just the perfect  mix! You may have known this procedure a long time ago, but there are details you need to pay attention to, especially those with regards to your teeth and gums. You’ll be amazed! You’ll never look at salads the way you looked at them before.

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Jong Lee

Jong Lee

Dr. Jong Lee is a graduate of Biochemistry at Washington University—St. Louis, Dr. Lee proceeded to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine gaining a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. With his comprehensive experience and his continuing drive to learn more, Dr. Lee also strives to provide the latest dental innovations that have given National Light Dental the distinction of being the leading provider of excellent dental care.

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