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A healthy dental condition is an investment and at times, dental treatments and procedures can become very expensive. At Light Dental, we believe that financial constraints should never hinder a person’s desire to have a healthy oral condition and picture perfect smile. With this belief in mind, we make sure that our budget-friendly financial options will suit every person’s financial situation. Because every person’s financial situation is different, we offer several dental packages. If you want to know more about these financial packages, contact any of our administrative support team members and they’ll be more than glad to assist you with our financial options.

We also accept other insurance plans other than those listed below. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Chase Health Advance

Offering several financial options for health insurance, Light Dental partnered with Chase Health Advance so you can avail of our dental services in different Chase payment plans. These plans vary from 6 to 12 months to extended plans that range from 36 to 48 months. There are no hassles involved during the payment plan application and you can immediately avail of our dental services. For more information regarding the payment plans offered by Chase, visit the Chase Health Advance website.


For dental services like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, etc., not covered by insurance plans, Light Dental offers CareCredit. This type of credit account is specifically for healthcare procedures that are not usually covered by insurance companies. You will be given several payment plans too, just like your insurance. You can either opt for the 0% if you avail during the promo period or the fixed interest plans. Plus, there are no annual fees to speak of. If you want to know more about CareCredit, visit their official page at

Alternative financial payment options

Don’t let your financial difficulty get in the way of achieving perfect teeth. Visit the nearest Light Dental office in your area now, and talk with one of our administrative support team about alternative financial options. At Light Dental, we always find ways to help because we value your oral health.


Aetna helps their members make good health choices by providing the necessary information and resources to keep its members informed. It gives people easy access to health care programs that are high standards but at the same time, cost-effective. Through this, people can achieve health and financial security. Until now, Aetna continues to be a leader in building a more effective health care system. Visit the Aetna Website.


AMERITAX is a North Texas based tax service company that provides professional tax consulting and tax services for its customers. The company can get its customers the big dollars on their tax returns. AMERITAX has been leading in North Texas and has continued to serve its clients extensively for more than 10 years. Visit the AMERITAX Website.

CareFirst BCBS - Federal and Traditional Plan

CareFirst, Inc. is a nonstick, nonprofit company headed by a board of directors and special statutes regulating its business in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. CareFirst, Inc. has received 11 consecutive national Brand Excellence awards, recognizing its customer service, financial strength, membership growth and promotion, making it the largest health care insurer in the mid-Atlantic region. Visit the CareFirst, Inc. Website.

Cigna Core Source

Cigna Core Source keeps its members updated on their medical claims and thoroughly explains their health benefits. Furthermore, members can gain access to Cigna Core Source’s online health management system—the HealthCenter. This allows members to undergo a Health Risk Assessment, develop a Personal Health Record, and research medical issues, giving them the power to take control of their health. Visit the Cigna Core Source Website.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is a part of Delta Dental Plans Association. The Association and its affiliates comprise one of the country’s largest dental benefits delivery systems. Overall, the associations of Delta Dental cover up to 26 million enrollees. Delta Dental Plans Association is a network formed by 39 Delta Dental companies all over the country. Visit the Delta Dental Website.

Dominion Insurance

Dominion Insurance represents three core principles: knowledge, choice, and personalized service. The company has been serving Hampton roads for over 15 years now. It prides on valuing professionalism. Because it is an independent insurance company, it can get the best policy for its members by freely inspecting different insurance providers. Dominion Insurance is a firm believer of personalized service to each of its clients, ensuring mutial trust along the way. Visit the Dominion Insurance Website.


GEHA officially became known as the Government Employees Hospital Association, Inc. in 1964. It is a self-insured, nonprofit organization. In 2007, it became Government Employees Health Association—the name it uses today. The association was one of first insurance carriers who provided coverage to federal employees (Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959). Visit the GEHA Website.

Guardian Humana Metlife

Guardian Humana Metlife is committed to quality dental care for the Broomfield community and the communities around it. It focuses in providing excellent customer service to every patient. Its staff is dedicated to providing comfort and quality service. Visit the Guardian Humana Metlife Website.

Heating, Piping, and Refrigeration

The company’s main focus is on effective communication. Although, everything can be done through modern technology nowadays, the company still believes that personal attention to the plan participants and their families is the most important thing. Our customer service representatives are trained to utilize personalized communications when dealing with inquiries or clarifications. Visit the Heating, Piping, and Refrigeration Website.

Mail Administrator

An independent state agency, Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) regulates Maryland’s insurance industry. Its main goal is to provide quality service to both the insurance industry and its consumers. The agency helps protect the consumers by regulating the availability of insurance coverage. Visit the Mail Administrator Website.

Premier Life

Premier Life’s accident, life, sickness, and credit insurance customers have been growing to over one million Canadian families. It continues to keep its record of quality insurance services and products, plus an effective customer service. Visit the Premier Life Website.


The professionals in Principal are experts in serving and providing insurance necessities of both businesses and individuals. The company has been providing quality service since 1879. Following this impressive record, the company keeps on developing insurance solutions that fit its members preferences. Visit the Principal Website.

United Concordia

United Concordia provides cost-efficient dental insurance, exceptional service, and healthy communities. It values overall wellness and oral health. United Concordia aims to provide its patients with valuable dental health solutions. One of its main visions is to give back to the community and change lives. Visit the United Concordia Website.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a part of United States’s largest single health carrier— UnitedHealth Group. The company strives to improve the quality of health care in America, improve people’s access to health benefits, and utilize services and technology that will make the health care system more affordable and accessible. Visit the United Healthcare Website.

Excellent experience, looking forward to having DC Light and Dr. Lee as my regular dentist.

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