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National Team Members

Dr. Joon Kim (General Dentist)

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Lilliana Carino (Dental Admin)

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DC Team Members

Dr. Jong Lee (General Dentist)

drlee The perfect embodiment of Light Dental’s motto “Light touch, Light smile, Light Dental”, Dr. Lee ensures that every patient is taken care of. Dr. Lee’s passion in dentistry gives his patient the perfect gentle dental care. A graduate of Biochemistry at Washington University—St. Louis, Dr. Lee proceeded to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine gaining a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. With his comprehensive experience and his continuing drive to learn more, Dr. Lee also strives to provide the latest dental innovations that have given Light Dental the distinction of being the leading provider of excellent dental care.

Dr. Dongha Oh (Periodontist)

thumbnailGray11 Have no room for gloom and doom! Meet Light Dental’s periodontist, Dr. Oh. He always saves the day. Most of the time, beautiful smiles deceive us, but Dr. Oh always manages to figure out ways to know the off beam hiding beneath a beautiful surface. He dedicates his unparalleled dental services – specifically, in implant services – to make the world a happier place to live in.

Dr. David Rad (Orthodontist)

thumbnailGray10 A comedienne said a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. That’s basically what Light Dental believes, and we have Dr. Rad to help us achieve our goal! With his child-like personality, Dr. Rad is able to make good rapport with his patients as he instills humor to what he does, instead of encouraging pain and terror. He is generous enough to share his dental expertise. He is a strong believer that metamorphosis is good, and that’s what he intends to do – help little kids and adults alike who are willing to undergo change!

Dr. Thomas Shin (Oral Surgeon)

thumbnailGray14 One of our highly-esteemed members is Dr. Shin who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He emanates light to his patients making them shine from within. Not only does he make them flash bright smiles, but he makes them do it with such confidence! Dr. Shin got his degree in Systems Engineering and graduated with flying colors at the University of Virginia. But he’s real calling led him to Dental School in the University of Pennsylvania. And soon enough, here at Light Dental!

Takae Aihara (Dental Hygienist)

takaealhara If it’s dental hygiene you’re concerned about, one of the best people that can help you at Light Dental is Takae. Not only does she ensure that you get thorough information about the status of your teeth and gums, but she also makes sure to give personalized attention to each and every patient that comes her way. She recognizes the fact that each person is different and that’s what makes her an effective dental hygienist. Dental hygiene is her passion and it’s that passion that drives her to share what she knows about dental care.

Jam Phouminh (Dental Hygienist)

jamphouminh2 The key to ensure an overall health is maintaining good oral hygiene and this is what Jam believes in. With her background as a registered nurse, Jam gives her patients in-depth information about their oral condition. Not satisfied with only doing this, after every oral session, Jam also motivates her patients to be proactive in maintaining their perfect smile. She does this by giving her patients personalized instructions on how to prevent dental diseases. Consult with Jam and you’ll be on your way to a perfect smile.

Yvette Hernandez (Dental Admin)

yvettehernandez Having been part of DC Light Dental since 2005, Yvette has since then learned so much about establishing a friendly atmosphere to the patients of Light Dental. As an office coordinator, she values each and every patient of Light Dental and she makes sure that they really look forward to their visits at the office.

Arely Hernandez (Dental Admin)

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Vicki Barrera (Dental Admin)

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Keyli Salgado (Dental Assistant)

keylisalgado Keeping a well-functioning and efficient Light Dental office is what Keyli is good at. As corporate manager, she ensures that everything is working smoothly so that patients get the best of what they pay for. She has been with Light Dental since 2007, and she never fails to ensure that every year, every aspect of Light Dental undergoes improvements to better cater to their patients.

Subodh Shrestha (Dental Assistant)

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The folks at the light dental clinic have been outstanding throughout the entire process. They explained everything. The dental work was first class - you could not expect more -- I would recommend them to anyone - a truly outstanding team.

- Carl B.

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