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Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal)


Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal)

Root canal procedure at National Light Dental

One of the greatest misconceptions our patients have when it comes to dental procedures is that root canal procedure is really painful. At National Light Dental, we want to correct this preconceived notion, and assure our patients in Washington DC that a root canal procedure is never painful.

As the word root implies, a root canal is the central nervous system of a tooth. The root canal houses all the minute nerves and pulp chamber that is in charge of a well-functioning tooth. If you constantly forget to brush and floss your teeth, or you are not very fond of going to regular dentist visits, plaque and bacteria buildup will eventually reach to the root canal. When this happens, the root canal will be damaged and you will experience chronic and severe toothache. Additionally, the infected tooth will also be highly sensitive to cold and warm foods and beverages, and you will feel a certain sensitivity that is not present before. If the damage becomes too severe, you will eventually notice some swelling and redness in the infected portion.

Now, when you feel these symptoms, it is imperative that you visit your dentist right away. Do not wait for the pain to become unbearable and end up losing your tooth. Your dentist will perform endodontic therapy. First, the damaged tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This means that the dead pulp will be removed, the infected area will be cleaned and medication will be placed on the root canal, then it will be sealed so that no further bacteria and toxins can enter the root canal.

Be aware of the signs of root canal damage, do not wait for the worst to happen. Treat root canal problems now. Call National Light Dental at 202-775-1414 or give us a visit at our clinic in 1145 19th Street, Suite 714, Washington DC, 20036.

The service is great and I'm happy to go to every appointment.

- David L.

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