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Periodontal (Gum) Therapy


Periodontal (Gum) Therapy

Gum disease treatment at National Light Dental, Washington DC

Excellent dental health not only involves healthy teeth but healthy gums too that is why we, at National Light Dental ensures that we take care of your dental needs, including your gums. There are different kinds of gum disease that could affect your dental health because plaque does not only attack your teeth, but it also goes to your gums. There are no definite early signs for gum disease, so that it takes longer for a person to determine this; however, it pays that if you notice some changes, you immediately visit your dental hygienist. At National Light Dental, we offer treatment for various gum diseases for our Washington DC patients.

Once our top-notch dentists at our Light Dental Washington DC and Virginia clinics determine that you’re suffering from gum disease, periodontal therapy will be suggested. Simply put, when our dentist determines the kind of gum disease you have, he’ll come up with the adequate treatment to cure it. Let’s take a look at the three stages of gum disease that you might suffer:

  • Gingivitis – the first sign that you are suffering from gingivitis is to look out for bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. This is not a simple matter of the gum being irritated by your toothbrush, most especially, if the part of the gum that is bleeding is soft, swollen, and slight reddish. When you visit your dental hygienist, he will immediately thoroughly clean your teeth and control plaque buildup.
  • Periodontitis – Gingivitis, if left untreated and ignored, will progress to periodontitis. Since plaque has been left to buildup, it will slowly wreak havoc on your gums, which will result to your receding gums. The bacteria gradually spread to your teeth’s root, once this happens, each of the infected tooth will slowly loosen its hold. You may feel a loosening sensation in the infected portion, and your gums will also recede from your tooth.
  • Advanced periodontitis – the last stage of the gum disease will be very severe, and this means that you could eventually lose your teeth. During this stage, your teeth will begin to move. In these cases, should you decide to eventually visit your dentist, he might recommend a surgical procedure to correct the problem. If it is beyond saving, the dentist will be forced to remove the damaged teeth, and you might have to resort to dentures or dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

If you do not regularly visit your dentist, you might not quickly notice when a gum disease starts to manifest itself in your gums. However, once you notice that there are certain changes to your gum’s condition, visit your dental hygienist at National Light Dental. If you are experiencing bleeding and sensitive gums especially when you brush your teeth, soft to the touch, appearance of pus and/or blood in your gums, and bad breath most of the time, then you definitely need to see your dentist so that he can give you a personalized treatment.

Do not wait for your teeth to fall off before you visit your dentist. Treat gum disease with the help of National Light Dental, Washington DC.Do not wait for your teeth to fall off before you visit your dentist. Treat gum disease with the help of National Light Dental, Washington DC.

Overall, I think you and your staff are great! I always feel comfortable whenever i come there and i really believe you care about the well being of your patients oral hygiene.

- Tracy W.

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