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Restorative Dentistry—Simple Fillings to Complex Tooth Replacement

National Light Dental offers a wide range of restorative dentistry procedures for Washington DC

In keeping with Light Dental’s adage of light touch, light smile, National Light Dental offers a wide range of dental care services including restorative dentistry procedures for our Washington DC clientele. We know how traumatic it is to visit a dentist’s clinic that is why we take care of our patients from the time they go through our doors to the time they actually sit on the dentist’s chair.

At National Light Dental, we do not recommend an immediate restorative procedure, not until our dentists have thoroughly checked your current dental condition and reviewed your dental history. Should there be enough cause to recommend a restorative dentistry procedure, our dentists discuss this closely with you, explaining the advantages and benefits you will get from the procedure, and giving you an overview of the entire process. Should you require the services of a specialist, our dentist will refer you to our in-house specialists so that you can further discuss your options with him/her. We offer installation of dental crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, root canal therapy, etc. During the restorative treatment, our dentists and specialists will ensure that the recommended procedure will really address your dental problems.

Knowing how important National Light Dental’s role is in the dental health of our patients, we ensure to deliver excellent results that really help our patients and make sure their dental condition is greatly improved. Contact National Light Dental, Washington DC, 20036 now for your restorative dentistry needs!

You are professional and courteous. Thanks for the excellent customer service.

- Ronald L.

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